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Janine Suggett

Printmaker turns to sewing …

Summer is almost gone. Normally I would be planning for the November Oxton Art Fair, ordering more Japanese papers, treating myself to new inks, checking my frames and ordering some new ones, getting my sketchbooks out and having a think… But nothing is as it should be, and I have neglected my Printmaking… I found my sewing machine, oiled it, fiddled with the tension till it was right, rummaged in my box of fabrics, found big old buttons from Saint George’s Hall Vintage Fair, and started to have some fun!!

I made linen bags, with pockets lined with bubblegum silk, and large Bakelite buttons, transformed stripy Ikea upholstery fabric into toys for my new Granddaughter, used old denim to create brooches with fishbones linocut motif from years ago (remember my teatowels?), and experimented with all manners of things kept in drawers in my studio. I knew they’d come in handy one day…

I am not giving up Printmaking. I have missed it – but this Pandemic has allowed me to find old pleasures, and it has been wonderful!