Janine Suggett

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Janine Suggett
This year, Janine has not written a slightly silly and playful biography, comparing herself to typographic fonts. Just some facts . She was born in Paris, but moved to England to study Graphic Design and Printmaking in London. Happy years … She now produces original prints using the delightfully unpredictable medium of Monoprinting. She recently started adding colours to her work, with inks and pastels . She’s happy with the result… She still enjoys giving weird titles to each print… It is her tenth Oxton Art Fair, and she never forgets what a privilege it is….

She is very fond of the technique of monoprinting, and will happily share it with you . She calls it a kitchen table method – but she has her own studio !! She exhibited in Staacks in the spring, loved it, and has been invited back next may…
She is french, and hopes very much she will be allowed to stay here, in England, where she’s been very happy since 1971…..