Carol Emmas

Carol Emmas

For my fourth year as a member of Oxton Artists, I have created the ‘On Deck’ series, as a small number of limited edition prints. These images are a nostalgic jump into my past and years of sailing mainly around the Med. The stripped back abstract shapes and forms are reminiscent of a visual fleeting moment in time. My aim is to encompass the the contours of the coastline and the relationship of the boat to the sea. 

Some of them may seem simple in their format, but to get there I have taken out vast amounts of superfluous detail. Most of which involves weeks of painstaking almost forensic work in order to strip the image back and allow the works to reveal their complexity in a purist and minimal way. 

Continually moving my work in a different and varied direction is important to me as I develop, so as not to ever stand still. 

I’ve never been interested in the larger picture – it has always been about getting up close. My images and landscapes are found in the patina of oxidised metals, weathered wood and paint and on sea-washed textures. 

I look to mirror images that have similarly existed in the world of abstract expressionist art. However, my images are as natural and organic as the elements that have created them.

For me, it’s about creating an emotional rather than literal representation.