Carol Emmas

Carol Emmas

After recently completing a year practice-led Master of Research (M.Res) at LJMU in Art & Design, I have produced a new body of abstract and non-representational photographic work called On Nature and the Environment and Think on These Things, which are a response to particular topical issues of the day.

Previously, I have used found materials such as oxidised metals and peeling paint as the basis for my landscapes and have recently moved on to working with the purity of light to create abstract images and take them further creatively.

My aim is to continue moving my work into different directions and to never to stay still long enough to develop a particular signature style. This body of work is moody and darker in form than my previous colourist works.

The title of my thesis was: A Practical Examination of Non-Representational Art Photography in Contemporary Curatorial Spaces. Feel free to come and discuss abstraction with me across the Oxton Art Fair weekend – as there is nothing in life I like to chat about more.