Ken Bryning

Ken Bryning

After completing a B.A in Art & Design, specializing in Graphic Illustration and Film Animation at Liverpool College of Art. I opted for a regular income and
finished with an A.T.D from the same establishment. I taught Art and Design for 35 years in Liverpool and Wirral secondary schools and adult evening classes. I covered most mediums including print, photography and Critical Studies to Advanced Level.

My own work in the past has tended to concentrate on imaginative themes based on my own interests which include motorcycling, humour and longbow archery.
In recent years I have based much of my work on observation of my environment of Merseyside, Wirral and at home I am always inspired by my cats and quiet still life.
I attended l lots of life drawing classes in the constant effort to improve my observational and drawing skills.

I am interested in all aspects of the visual arts and have practiced most media.

I have a particular interest in the effects of light and form and ‘that moment in time’.
I particularly admire the work of 17th century Dutch artists.

I work in a wide variety of traditional mediums including oil paint, watercolours, ink, scraperboard and pastel. I usually work on a small scale, rarely bigger than 16×12 inches.
I generally work to private commission and have exhibited my work at venues in Liverpool, Wirral and regularly at the Williamson Art Gallery Open Exhibition.