Rowena Fergusson

Guest Artists, Painting
Rowena Fergusson
I have always painted the landscape and love observing nature as it continuously changes with the seasons.

I find that the use of different mediums draw different artistic responses from me.   The use of gouache on paper, encourages me to explore the detail in nature.  This work aims to simplify the colour and stylise the textures and forms in the landscape.  Each work has within it, areas of intense detail, which I take particular pleasure in observing and representing.

However my collage/mixed media work, and in particular my oil paintings, are much more about capturing the fleeting moment.  It is a much more emotional response to the landscape, using fast broad brush strokes and a palette knife, only suggesting at detail.

I live in the countryside in Cheshire and am constantly inspired by the landscape around me.  Periodically I find that an exhibition will have a lasting effect on me and make me explore new ways of looking at things.  The exhibition of the work of The Group of Seven at the Dulwich Picture Gallery in London and the work of Joan Eardley at the Modern Art Gallery in Edinburgh, to name but two.