Nathan Pendlebury

Guest Artists, Painting
Nathan Pendlebury

There is a compulsion for me to make and for me making paintings seems the only way forward. After graduation (in 1996) my painting was almost entirely abstract, producing associations without being totally direct in figurative terms. Later (in 2010) as my family life began to change so did my painting, colour crept into the work and different influences were also added. I was already interested in urban imagery, taking imagery of signs, posters, architecture, road markings and more. Now children’s television, book illustrations became important too. I love the bright colour, the simplified drawing, the bold graphic imagery.

I also love music and the feelings I get from it, and a part of what I want from my work is for it to give people the same sense by looking at it that I get from listening to the music I like. The music I prefer to listen to tends to be on the sunny happier side, and I want my paintings to feel that way too, because I feel it important to focus on the happier things in this life, and hopefully my painting portrays and shares that in some way shape or form.

My more recent painting series looks to Constable, it uses the original work as a starting point, and as a result this series of paintings is much more representational than my previous work, something new for me but hopefully still recognizable as my own? However I never want my painting to be totally literal, I like the paintings to exist somewhere in-between real and abstract.