Mark Reeves

Guest Artists, Photography
Mark Reeves

The outdoors is where I feel most at home, and the wilder and more remote the places the better.  So most of my photography is about being outdoors in untamed places – our mountains, moors and coasts.  I guess it’s in the blood, having had a grandfather who took part in the great Kinder Scout trespass of 1932.

In my photography I like to convey remoteness and wilderness through the use of camera techniques that make my images look moodily abstract or impressionist.

By using such methods to diffuse and degrade the images, the importance of formal, recognisable structure within the scenes is minimised whilst light, colour, tone and texture become emphasised.  In many works, their characteristics offer the viewer enough information to enable recognition of the scenes presented whilst in others the views are only identifiable with the aid of contextual information – such as a title. My images invite the viewer to ponder the question as to how much – or how little – information do we need to understand or interpret a scene.