Jo Vickers

Jo Vickers

Not being a tidy person by nature, I enjoy the neatness and precision I can create through art.

My work is graphic in style, playful and accessible. I paint real places, but with no geographic accuracy. Instead, buildings are stacked and crammed onto the canvas. This messiness is balanced with precise lines; smooth, blended brushstrokes and carefully chosen colour palettes.

I paint the places that I love. My latest piece, ‘Theatrescape’ features the theatres of Liverpool, where I spend as much time as I can (babysitters willing.) My previous piece, “Villagescape” features Oxton Village, where I live with my family and work from my home studio. I love creating uniquely personal commissions, which have in the past featured schools, galleries, favourite cafés and wedding venues.

I aim for my work to be accessible, so as well as personal commissions and original paintings, I also offer prints, cards and gifts featuring my work.