George Evans

Guest Artists, Photography
George Evans

George is a self-taught photographer and has a passion for photography in colour, monochrome and digital infrared buying his first digital camera in 2004. 

His first camera introduced him to the world of digital photography and infrared photography in the 720nm wavelength of light and this interest in digital infrared photography has grown considerably over the years.

His main camera is a Sony A7 mk2 mirrorless camera and he now uses a Sony A6000 camera which has been permanently converted to take infrared photographs in the 590nm “Super Colour” wavelength of light.

George believes that capturing a good image in-camera is merely the beginning and he enjoys the creative freedom which digital post processing provides.

Strong composition is a feature of his images and many of his photographs are high dynamic range (HDR) images which gives them added punch. His philosophy is simply to create something interesting and beautiful that some-one may wish to hang on their wall and enjoy.

George’s photographs and gift cards can be viewed and bought from the Williamson Art Gallery (Gallery 14) and local fairs and he’s the winner of The Williamson Open 2014 photography section.