Felicity Gayle

Mixed Media, Textiles
Felicity Gayle

Mother of two wildling boys, both of whom have penchant for sparkle, bright colours and bugs, I found myself frustrated with the children’s clothing market when trying to appeal to my children’s taste. Not only was there a lack of colour and individuality in the boys section, but the slogans were not those that I felt inspiring or empowering in the way our family views the world.

We believe kindness is the most important thing that we can strive to be, whether it is to each other or the little creepy crawlies they love to play with so much. “Tough like Daddy” just didn’t cut it.

Inspired by my eldest (age 5) not wanting the earth to become a ‘fireball’ and my 3 year old refusing to conform to the ‘boys’ section, matched with the beliefs I want to instil in my children (that they can change the world and are capable of anything) – ‘Wildling Revolution’ was born.

Using as many recycled materials, beads buttons and other things we can find (as much possible) we try to create something unique and sustainable without contradicting or compromising our message. Second hand natural fabric trousers are lovingly crafted into children’s bags, barely worn items are completely revived with a creative spin and our new bright bold clothing items spread the thought provoking ideas to empower our children and send out the messages world needs to see and hear.

All brightly coloured with no gender attached ‘Wildling revolution’ is a home of creative clothing and accessories for children free to be – anything they want to be.