Felicity Gayle

Mixed Media
Felicity Gayle

With a BA Hons in Fine Art and a relentless compulsion to create, desperate to enjoy the early years with my children (my greatest masterpieces yet) – I turned my passion for painting, making and creating into my business.

‘What do you see?’ has fast become the tag line for my organic abstract ‘Dreamscape’ paintings. From the very beginning of my adventure into abstract art, audiences have expressed openly and with great enthusiasm the things they can see in within my work, whether it be faces, animals, landscapes, storms and rough seas. 

As well as the original paintings, my obsession with interiors has inspired a range of contemporary wall art, abstract prints, soft furnishings and decorative home products – more recently utilising my understanding of digital manipulation to explore the original image’s further potential; through use of silhouette, Mirroring and digital collage for the children’s market.