David Tolley

David Tolley
David Tolley has exhibited in a variety of venues, from prestigious Dubai galleries to the local bars and restaurants in his hometown. His work varies considerably in scale as much as style – creating hand held minatures to 6ft works! His subject matters vary greatly, from the gritty portraits of local musicians to his highly regarded atmospheric landscapes. David sells his work to a variety of art lovers and collectors – his previous customers including Chris Tarrent and Jim Davidson.

Working from both life, photographs and through using different mediums, Tolley manages to create a  variety of original paintings, that remain fresh. David’s most favoured mediums are notoriously oils, charcoals and pastels, but he also has a great passion for creating plaster/resin sculptures.

Currently Tolley is working on a collection of ‘en plain air paintings’ not quite done outdoors but from the passenger seat of his car. Each canvas is created in oil paints within a 2 hour time frame.  A recent project has included filming these works during their creation and then turning them into time lapse videos. None of these paintings are changed or tampered with after their initial creation, keeping the work fresh and spontaneous.