Angela & John Hinchcliffe

Anjo Designs

Contemporary Chain Maille Jewellery by Angela & John Hinchcliffe

We started making our chain maille inspired jewellery ten years ago. The chain maille techniques we use are self-taught, acquiring our skills and knowledge through trial and error and lots of experimentation!

We work with both traditional chain maille materials such as steel, brass and bronze as well as contemporary metals, including light weight anodised aluminium, titanium, niobium, creating statement jewellery for men and women.

Three years ago, we decided to introduce precious metals into our collection, attending silversmithing summer school courses at the Birmingham School of Jewellery. We have our own Anjo Designs hallmark registered at the Birmingham Assay Office.

In 2016 we received an ongoing commission by the Royal Armouries, Leeds, to design a range of jewellery inspired by their collection of chain maille armour.

Our work has featured in British Vogue and the Craft & Design Magazine and we are regularly selected to take part in some of the UK’s top exhibitions, contemporary craft & art fairs. We have representation in galleries in London, and throughout the UK, receiving frequent commissions for their national and international clients.

We will be creating some special pieces for the Oxton Art Fair 2018!