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Jessica Keeler - a self taught printmaker who originally studied Theatre Design at Nottingham Trent University.

The precision and risk of messing it all up is one of the things I love about lino printing. Having not been formally trained in the techniques I am freer in my approach, I enjoy the fuzzy edges and love working into the prints with paints and ink.

I create both one colour prints (one press of the carved lino creates the image) and reduction prints (the first colour is printed then the lino cut away where I want that colour to remain, then the next colour is printed and the lino cut away where I want it to remain and so on) in my exploration and my interpretations of the rhythms and patterns I perceive in wild things and places. This year I have begun to experiment with printing onto fabrics and hope to have some examples for the Oxton Art Fair 2016.


Summer LovinSummer Lovin
Natterjack PoolNatterjack Pool
Rhythms of SummerRhythms of Summer
Tree DanceTree Dance