Janine Suggett
Janine Suggett
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Janine Suggett: "I love typography. Fonts matter to me. So I shall try to describe myself in fonts...Am I BASKERVILLE? Legible, everyday. Or HELVETICA? Neutral, stylish, readable.
May be LUBALIN - idealist, confident, classic. Nice !! Certainly never COMIC SANS !
Sometimes BAUHAUS - arty, modern, friendly. Never nostalgic. Never italic. GILL SANS, credible, practical. Let me think about TRAJAN - always upper case. May be not...

Never flamboyant. Never authoritative. Never pretentious. I work with inks, handmade paper, I draw familiar objects, small s, shells, in a rather graphic manner - I was trained as a graphic designer after all. May be I am a hand written font, pre-computers - calligraphic..."

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